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Our darts team is now in Division 1 of the APFSCIL Darts League, currently playing home games at the Brown Bear near Aldgate East  tube station.

To get involved, contact Paul Calais

APFSCIL Darts Division 1 London Saints V Sunderland Lost 3 – 6

I think, tonight was the first London Saints darts match I have played that didn’t have a double one finish 🤔 I’m a competitive person, I like to win, but in darts there is little you can do when the opponents are better, other than try your best, we did that tonight. They won the […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 Scunthorpe V London Saints Won 2 – 7

Thankfully is the word. Thankfully Jenni wasn’t captain, thankfully food was pizza not quiche and thankfully Nice Pint hit an incredible 3 winning doubles, which puts him firmly  in contention for man of the match (I’m going to stick with the traditional man of the match until Jenni puts in a performance that makes me […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 Nottingham Forrest V London Saints Lost 9 – 0

Short Match Report : in true Southampton style, we lost 9-0. Jenni was captain. 😇😂 Oh dear. 😳 Way to throw me under the bus like that😟 😂surely you didn’t believe the story about the dog and a beautician 🤔 I thought that explained your hair?

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 London Saints V Plymouth Lost 2 – 7

Version 1 It could have gone better, and a few of us were far from our best but, the opposition were very good and probably the best finishers I’ve played against. They only had 4 players and there were no links, I guess their performance was summed up by one of their players trying to […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 London Saints V Newcastle A Lost 3 – 6

It started so well, 3-0 up but despite having chances in most legs we eventually went down 3-6. nice pint got the ball rolling with a great and noisy double 19 to win the first leg and scare the shit out of Newcastle and everyone else in the pub with his victory roar. Me and […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 Leicester V London Saints

Well, could have been better, could have been worse ! A depleted squad we had to bring in Landlord Rob as our number five but thankfully he was relatively sober ! We lost the match 6-3 but we had a shot at the double in every leg so were by no means disgraced. We lost […]

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London Saints Pool and Darts Night

A few words from our chair Mick :- Many thanks Reg for organising last night and to Jenni (pizzas) and Paul (darts).  I thought it was a very enjoyable night.  We had people turn up I did not expect like Andy Mayhew and John Griffiths.   It was just as it should be with people meeting […]

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Darts – Division Two Winners and promoted to League One

Congratulations to the #LondonSaints darts team – Division Two Winners and promoted to League One, well played all trophies incoming!

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Darts Pre Season V Brown Bear All Stars

At the Brown Bear Pub Monday July 25th 2022 London Saints Win 7 – 4 Note from Paul Great performance tonight, not fazed by an early 0-2 then 3-4 deficit we battled back to a comfortable 4-7 victory in the Bears back yard. Brilliantly captained by John Nice Pint The Wall Smith we had two […]

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Saints Third Win of the Season Beating Exeter 6 – 3

Unlike last time out I thought we’d win easy tonight but in the end we had to fight back from 2-3 down winning the last 4 legs for a 6-3 win and a third success from four outings. We eventually won the opening team game with a double from Simon, coming back from 200 + […]

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