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Our darts team is now in Division 1 of the APFSCIL Darts League, currently playing home games at the Brown Bear near Aldgate East  tube station.

To get involved, contact Paul Calais

London Saints V Newcastle B APFSCIL Darts League 2 at Southwark Brewery Wednesday 20th March Lost 5 – 4

Running commentary :- Nice early start as all present and correct. Just scored 84 cos that’s how I roll without Dover’s disapproving eye to put me off. I’m watching…👀 Update: Jenny’s having a row with their captain My friend Rachel 🤔 They suggested we abandon the match because we had 6 playing and they had […]

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London Saints V Newcastle B Cup at Brown Bear Monday 4th March Lost 3 – 5

So, a disappointing cup exit in a game we really should have won, and would have won if I’d hit a double 🙄 in the end we lost 3-5 but could easily have won 5-0 with chances missed in every leg. Well played Nice Pint for beating there best player and well done Jenni for […]

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London Saints V Exeter at Brown Bear Monday 12th February

First game of the @Apfscil_London darts season for #LondonSaints tonight!

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London Saints Pool and Darts 2023

A great night, well organised and well attended. Yes, well done Reg for a great night (only disappointment was Mike forgetting to bring the pool shield) and Jen for doing the pizzas.  Well done also to Andy for topping the 200 mark. You’ve all done very well!! Mick The Winners Darts Simon Goodwin beat Harry […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 London Saints V Chester Lost 2 – 7

Well. It didn’t quite go to plan, having all scored highly in the first team game we threw away a 300 hundred lead and after missing countless doubles quickly went one down. We lost the next two as well and then in the first singles match I missed loads of doubles and we were 4 […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 London Saints V Sunderland Lost 3 – 6

I think, tonight was the first London Saints darts match I have played that didn’t have a double one finish 🤔 I’m a competitive person, I like to win, but in darts there is little you can do when the opponents are better, other than try your best, we did that tonight. They won the […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 Scunthorpe V London Saints Won 2 – 7

Thankfully is the word. Thankfully Jenni wasn’t captain, thankfully food was pizza not quiche and thankfully Nice Pint hit an incredible 3 winning doubles, which puts him firmly  in contention for man of the match (I’m going to stick with the traditional man of the match until Jenni puts in a performance that makes me […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 Nottingham Forrest V London Saints Lost 9 – 0

Short Match Report : in true Southampton style, we lost 9-0. Jenni was captain. 😇😂 Oh dear. 😳 Way to throw me under the bus like that😟 😂surely you didn’t believe the story about the dog and a beautician 🤔 I thought that explained your hair?

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 London Saints V Plymouth Lost 2 – 7

Version 1 It could have gone better, and a few of us were far from our best but, the opposition were very good and probably the best finishers I’ve played against. They only had 4 players and there were no links, I guess their performance was summed up by one of their players trying to […]

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APFSCIL Darts Division 1 London Saints V Newcastle A Lost 3 – 6

It started so well, 3-0 up but despite having chances in most legs we eventually went down 3-6. nice pint got the ball rolling with a great and noisy double 19 to win the first leg and scare the shit out of Newcastle and everyone else in the pub with his victory roar. Me and […]

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