London Saints

Manchester City V London Saints Darts League 2 at the Horseshoe Tuesday 9th July Won 1 – 8

Showing off our shirts

Citeh(and to be fair I think they mainly were, though I only recognised one from previous encounters 🤔) looked good in warm up, and our averages looked low, but I told them, it’s double one we’re practicing 😉.  I let my deputy JVP pick the team order as the blackboard was too close to the board for my liking. 250 behind in the first team game, we won with a noisy double 2 from Nice Pint (actually it was double 10 after being set up by Jenni) 1-0. Trebles, miles behind but Diversity won it with a double one 2-0. Doubles, miles behind bit Simple won it  with our 50th (ish) attempt at double one, 3-0. Next the singles, in a relatively close and even match (my opener hit a 136 with his final warm up darts 😂) I managed to claw back his lead and win with a double 11, 4-0 JVP followed the game plan, gave her opponent a 150 lead, but when he got to double one and missed repeatedly gradually reeled him in and smashed a winning double 18 like a rocket of a launch pad ! 5-0 and the match ! Lesser teams may have relaxed at that point but  with another double one and Citeh on their knees Nice Pint made it 6-0 and then a second double one from Simple made it 7. Forgetting the strategy that had work so well so far Little Britain raced in to a big lead and lost 🙄7-1. The sky blues now thinking momentum was with them eagerly agreed to a beer leg, LB making up for his singles set me up perfectly leaving a double top for his brilliant captain to hit first dart. Four players hitting two winning doubles each made motm harder to pick than usual, I think Jenni was our best player tonight, with two winners and picking the team order. BUT,  by virtue of the fact she is not a man and that she told me to call heads at the toss, which I ignored and called tails. Man of the match is me 🤗. I thank you  😇🎯

Final Score Citeh 1 – Super Saints 8

Spain were good, Saints were better 💪😇

Comments :-

Charlie Laing: Well done proud of you!!

Jenni Poulter: You’re a douche

Trying to identify as a man whilst drinking Prosecco at a darts match didn’t fool me !

Jenni Poulter: I won two games, I deserved fizz!

Double Prosecco 🤔

Jenni Poulter: JVP?

Jenni Poulter: Jenni van Poulter?

Jenni Van de Versity ? 🇳🇱

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