London Saints

London Saints V Newcastle B APFSCIL Darts League 2 at Southwark Brewery Wednesday 20th March Lost 5 – 4

Running commentary :-

Nice early start as all present and correct. Just scored 84 cos that’s how I roll without Dover’s disapproving eye to put me off.

I’m watching…👀

Update: Jenny’s having a row with their captain

My friend Rachel 🤔

They suggested we abandon the match because we had 6 playing and they had 5. It was a polite discussion.

They might have 6 too now, I’m not sure

Despite them winning by 50odd at the time


I have suggested I agree now because they are on 16 and we are on 9

Lost the group match

Prince Harry and little Britain off to a flying start in the doubles

Excellent decision to pair these two as they win their game easily. Great captaincy.

Triple of me, nice pint and simple also win. Great captaincy.

Sounds like you just copied what I did last time …

Harry lost and I think we should never match him to anyone hairier than him again

I never put him against hairy people

Poor intell has meant a match up that I didn’t intend, but little Britain is doing us proud. Following a poor throw, I told him to believe in himself. I said, “you’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible” and he threw 100+

Downhill since

Lost but was v close

4-2 down. Still better than last time I captained

Battle to the death as Simon has been on double 1 forever and their captain is on double 2

Now both double 1


4-3 and the chairman has it all to do

Btw I am doing constant updates because I don’t remember well enough by the end to do a summary. Also I know how much Dover wants to be here

Have we won yet ?



It wasn’t a 9-0 defeat?

We won the beer leg??

So assuming the chairman won it must have been 5-4 to us ?

Jenni Poulter: Er

The chairman may have not won

Ah, shame. good effort team, thanks Jenni 🤗

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