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Season Review 2023/24

After 49 games, 2023/24 turned out to be a triumph for Russball, and it has to be said that there weren’t many of us confident of such a swift return to the top flight. My way or the highway seemed to be Russell’s attitude in public, although I believe there were tweaks to the system […]

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LSSC Man of the Match Leeds Wembley it’s Close

Four options is not enough!!
McCarthy 14.9%
Stephens 6%
Adam Armstrong 39.9%
Harwood-Bellis 39.3%
168 votes·Final result

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Leeds Championship Play-Off Final Wembley Won 0 – 1 We are Premiere League

Cup finals are great set-piece occasions, but, particularly in the case of the doyen cup final, as run by the F.A., not every spectator is necessarily committed to one side or the other. That’s certainly not true in the case of a sell-out play-off final, and we had a stadium split equally between Leeds fans, looking […]

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LSSC Man of the Match West Brom Home

Stephens 0.9%
Downes 66%
Smallbone 32.1%
Other (comment) 0.9%
106 votes · Final results

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West Brom Home Play Off Semi Final Won 3 – 1

A changed shape in the return play-off against West Brom, with Fraser and Brooks in, Manning and Mara out. It felt like a more attacking approach and that was proved wise as the visitors set out to keep as many as possible behind the ball and even run the clock down in the first half. […]

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LSSC Man of the Match West Brom Away

McCarthy 66%
Downes 26.8%
Bednarek 6.2%
Other (comment) 1%
97 votes · Final results

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West Brom Away Play-off Semi Final Drew 0 – 0

After a disastrous Premier League campaign, at least there was new management for a new division and a long run of successes suggested an automatic return until poor form in the run in put paid to that. OK, Leicester, as is their wont, spent their way out, but Ipswich? Oh well, here we are in […]

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LSSC Man of the Match Leeds

McCarthy 5.8%
KWP 18.3%
Downes 75%
Other (comment) 1%
104 votes · Final results

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Leeds Away Won 1- 2

It may have been a near-meaningless match but many (not the old gits!) had paid £47 for the privilege of watching Saints at Leeds and plenty actually turned up as well. They saw a line-up that had three centre backs and Walker-Peters and Manning at wing back – a brave choice against a side with Gnonto […]

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LSSC Man of the Match Stoke (the kitman won it)

McCarthy 29.9%
KWP 0%
Kitman 58.2%
67 votes · Final results

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