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The London Saints cricket team plays regular fixtures on Sundays during what occasionally passes as a summertime, and we’re always on the lookout for new players.

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EX-BLUES V LONDON SAINTS September 1, 2018

EX-BLUES V LONDON SAINTS September 1, 2018 Timed match Ex-Blues 222-9 (36 overs) Rogers 3-7 Thomas 3-19 London Saints 206-8 (39 overs) Thomas 52 no Mayhew. T. 52 Mayhew. A. 45 Result: Draw When I get older losing my hair Many years from now Will you still be sending me a Valentine Birthday greetings bottle […]

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ROXBOURNE v LONDON SAINTS at Met Police Sports Ground, Bushey, Herts, on Sunday August 4, 2018

London Saints 70 (Mr Extras 14, A. Mayhew 14) Roxbourne 74 – 3 (Nanton 2-19, Run Out George 1 – 36) London Saints cricketers are a lot of things but they are not a proud bunch. A mixture of eternal optimism and advancing senility has meant that we will take on any team who offers […]

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London Saints v The Full Monty – Sun pm at Sexey’s School – 30 overs

Full Monty 168-7 (Nanton 4-11) London Saints 172-3 (Mayhew 50 no, Jones 44) A tale of two Johns, Andy’s and Dave’s A picture has been circulated of the winning team at the Witham Friary quiz on the first night of the Somerset tour. A proud member of that team was a beaming, orange-shirted John Smith. […]

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LSCC Cricket Tour of Somerset 2018 – part 1

After a break of one year due to our Finland tour in 2017, the London Saints returned to familiar pastures this year, or did we? (more later) as a new opponent and the hot weather, which resulted in Witham Friary’s ground being unplayable, meant we played on two new grounds on our 2018 tour. Firstly […]

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Coldhabour match report 8th July 2018

London Saints 171-8 (Nanton 44, Rogers 43, Griffiths 34) Coldharbour 155-8 (Rogers 4-15, Berkeley 2-32) Stand in skipper Andy Mayhew gave me (Ben) the daunting prospect of writing a report that would result in a London Saints defeat, it wasn’t going to be any different was it… However, the eleven Saints players buoyed by the […]

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London Sunderland / The Trafalgar – London Saints v London Sunderland ? Sunday 1st July 2018

30 over match played at Nursery Road Playing Field, South Wimbledon London Sunderland 209/7 (Rodger 2- 20; Nanton 2-26; Grimes 2-31 Pearce 1-44) London Saints 177 (Rogers 64; Mayhew 33) London Sunderland ? Won by 32 runs Another scorching hot day in South Wimbledon same fields, as the game against The Trafalgar, different pitch and […]

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Tony’s 100th match for London Saints

Tony reaches his 100t match for London Saints.  

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London Saints v Hermits CC Sunday 17th June 2018 Bloodied but unbowed

The bloodstains told a tale of battle, and heros… and glorious defeat. Yet, among the vanquished Saints was one who stood tall, leaving even the Hermits’ young challengers in awe. As others collapsed on different fields of battle in Kaliningrad, writhing as if in throes of death at the slightest touch, the sight of the […]

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London Saints v Roadrunners Sunday 10th June 2018

35 over match played at Houghton Regis London Saints 134 – 7 (Calais 36, Jackson 26, Thomas 24, McIntyre 23no) Roadrunners 135 – 0 off 32.4 overs (all bowled tightly with Nanton the best at 5-2-4-0) The London Saints arrived in good spirits for the away leg of the season’s doubleheader vs Roadrunners. Pearce Taxis […]

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Kiss Me Hardy – Match Report v Trafalgar

LSCC 121/7 (Nanton 27, Jackson 20*) Trafalgar 125/8 (Jackson 4/32, Nanton 2/11) Trafalgar win by 3 wickets (12-a-side with Lana Speedtwin making her debut) The Saints were edged out in sweltering conditions in South Wimbledon against new opposition. Things started badly when the captain was the last to arrive – perhaps the unfamiliar journey south […]

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