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Old Chelmsfordians  v London, Saints, 35-over match Admiral’s Park, Chelmsford, Essex, June 8th 2024  

Almost everything. DT was still up to his shenanigans with the toss. This one wasn’t exactly won by DT, more it was lost by Old Chelmsfordians skipper Alan Ball who fell for the old trick of calling “heads” as DT tossed his trusty “no heads” 10 centimes coin. DT chose to bat and there followed an impressive and steady innings. Openers Mike McIntyre and Dickie Cushion set a steady start before Dickie was bowled on 20 with the score on 37

Number three bat Oscar Sykes was quickly into his stride with some strong hitting, while Mike assumed the anchor role. So steady was Mike’s progress, scoring 18 consecutive singles, that when he scored a two it brought a round of applause from the Old Chelmsfordians scorer. Mike responded with a further sequence of six singles. When Oscar was stumped on 27, Ben Collis continued the offensive until he was caught on the boundary. 

Ben’s dismissal set up what to become the second highest London Saints fourth wicket stand. It was begun by Mike and Jonny Mousley (who both retired on unbeaten 50’s) – with Jonny’s half-century coming in 21 balls and including London Saints’ second 6 of the season. The partnership was continued by Henry Dowson, who smashed a quick fire 30 not out with no dot balls, and David Nanton, in his 150th innings for the club. The innings ended on 35 overs with the score on 216-3.

In reply, Old Chelmsfordians began slowly against the very tight opening pair of Nanton and Collis, with Ben opening with a maiden and in the third over capturing the wicket of Old Chelmsfordians skipper Ball. The home side gradually increased the run rate, chiefly through Rowe and then Foster, until Rowe was bowled during an impressively frugal six overs of spin from debutant (No 224) Rory Bird.

With Foster continuing his attack, Oscar – with two wickets – and Henry Dowson and Nanton with one each, plus an excellent run out by Oscar strangled the opposition and put the game out of sight. And the last line of resistance ended when Foster retired after a splendid 51. Old Chelmsfordians innings ended on 126-8, 90 runs behind. It was London Saints third victory out of three and it sent DT back to his extensive library of spreadsheets to find the last time we had started a season so well.


DT was a contender, not for his cricket, but as an umpire. His repeated calling of “no ball” while holding both arms out wide, and then calling “wide” with one arm in the air proved amusing, if a little confusing, for the scorers. The umpiring of Andy Mayhew, an unused batsman and bowler, also raised some eyebrows (well, DT’s) after giving Oscar out stumped and, soon after, Ben who was caught on the boundary to a ball that looked above waist-height (Ed: looked to me to be more like neck height!). Oscar’s run out was brilliant directly hitting the stumps from the covers …………But (and you can’t keep a good man down) the clear Champagne Moment, applauded by both teams, was OSCAR SYKES for holding on to a firmly struck cover drive with a magnificent two-handed diving catch.


The bowling and fielding were both excellent, but the choice was between three great innings. Mike McIntyre’s unbeaten 50 held the innings together and Henry Dowson’s quickfire 30 not out with no dot balls were top drawer, but Man of the Match was JONNY MOUSLEY for his unbeaten half-century in 21 balls.

London Saints

McIntyre not out (retired) 50

Cushion b Gardiner 20

Sykes st b Foster 27

B.Collis ct Gardiner b Boxall 11

Mousley not out (retired) 50

H.Dowson not out 30

Nanton not out 4

Extras 14

Total 216 – 3 off 35 overs

Old Chelmsfordians

Ball ct McIntyre b Collis 2

Waring ct H.Dowson b R.Griffiths 15

Rowe b Bird 21

Foster not out (retired) 51

Gardiner ct Collis b Sykes 7

Owers b Sykes 2

T. Boxall run out (Sykes) 6

Tuki lbw Dowson 1

C. Boxall CT Sykes b Nanton 1

Roscoe not out 4

Robertson not out 3

Extras 10

Total 126 – 8 off 35 over

Nanton 6–1–17-1

Collis 5-1-23-1

R. Griffiths 5-0-36-1

Bird 6-1-15-1

Sykes 5-0-19-2

Thomas 3–0-6-0

Dowson 3-1-6-1

Mousley 2-0-2-0


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