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LSSC Man of the Match Vote Middlesbrough

Bednarek 3.5%
Adam Armstrong 5.3%
Will Smallbone 3.5%
Kitman -now always adding 87.7%
57 votes·Final results

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Middlesbrough Away Lost 2 – 1

After the Ipswich defeat, Manager Martin seemed find everyone but himself at fault. Even when he does accept some blame, it somehow gets deflected – witness Holgate-gate after Sunderland when the player was hung out to dry by the coach saying he shouldn’t have picked him. Holgate was back at Middlesbrough, replacing Manning in a […]

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LSSC Man of the Match Ipswich

Kyle walker peters 37.9%
Taylor Harwood-Bellis 5.7%
Kitman 56.3%
87 votes·Final results

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LSSC Man of the Match Vote Leicester

Taylor Harwood-Bellis 2.6%
Edozie 25.6%
Bazunu (really?) 67.9%
Other (comment)3.8%
78 votes·Final results

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Leicester Home Lost 1 – 4

Those of an optimistic persuasion left Sunderland expecting our side to learn from a heavy defeat. My view was that the game showed that canny managers like Tony Mowbray know how to counter Russball, but it’s also true that Saints could have coped better than they did. Thirteen days on, along come Leicester and nothing […]

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Friday Sep 1st Ex (Nat West) Blues v London Saints – 35 overs – and the breaking of traditions

Ex (Nat West) Blues 215 all out (Rogers 4 – 17, Berkeley 2 – 27) London Saints 188 (Price 46, McIntyre 43, Pearce 24) The end of another season, our 43rd, saw a slight difference this year – it was dry, not from the heavens above but courteous of the rail strikes (which meant that […]

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LSSC Sunderland Man of the Match Vote

Downes 48.6%
Bednarek 32.4%
Smallbone 18.9%

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Sunderland Away Lost 5 – 0

A promising beginning for Saints at Sunderland, forcing an early corner – but this was a game where we looked so naive tactically, beginning with that set piece. Manager Martin says his players failed to execute a short corner routine correctly, but the very idea of both full backs sorting things out by the flag […]

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LSSC Man of the Match Vote Queens Park Rangers

Flynn Downes 14.6%
Adam Armstrong 65.4%
Shea Charles 13.2%
Ryan Fraser 6.8%

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