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AGM 2024 – The Sekforde Wednesday June 12th

There was a decent attendance for our recent Annual General Meeting.

The main discussion was around the recording of our match day tickets.  For the past season the SFC Ticket Office has not recorded the number of away matches that individuals have attended.  While this has worked very well in terms of priority organised by our Ticket Coordinator, there was some concern about future arrangements.  

The Man from Spain

Questions were raised such as how would SFC prioritise tickets if there was a restricted attendance (i.e. Covid) without a recorded history of purchases, to how many tickets would be allocated to the London Saints next season.  Some people had also heard rumours of e-tickets for away matches next season.

The committee said that these questions will be raised with SFC in the coming weeks and we would set up a meeting with them if necessary.

The committee were pleased to announce that following a meeting with SFC, we had established a new Supporters Liaison contact, who has already proved very helpful to us.

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