London Saints

APFSCIL Darts Division 1 Scunthorpe V London Saints Won 2 – 7

Thankfully is the word. Thankfully Jenni wasn’t captain, thankfully food was pizza not quiche and thankfully Nice Pint hit an incredible 3 winning doubles, which puts him firmly  in contention for man of the match (I’m going to stick with the traditional man of the match until Jenni puts in a performance that makes me think otherwise). Kick off was delayed because nobody could work out how to fold Jenni’s bargain umbrella, but once that was sorted the introductions began, Scunthorpe were a very nice bunch of people and if we do get relegated I hope they get relegated with us, because I look forward  to playing them again. We started badly, we lost the first team game after about 300 attempts at a double, but after that we were on fire, I told Nice Pint he was dropped for the doubles/trebles round but changed my mind at the last minute and paired him with me. Saints won the trebles with  Simple hitting the winning double (Jenni and Little Britain  making up the team) then Nice pint hit a beautiful double one to give us a 2-1 lead. Andy (Champ) won his singles as did Simple (against their star player) putting us 4-1 up. Little Britain squandered a big lead to lose his singles so we were 4-2 up with 3 to play. Nice pint hit his second double one of the night to give us an unassailable lead and I won my singles with our 3rd double one of the night ! It was a closer match than 6-2 was suggesting and we all agreed to play a beer leg, hundreds from me, Champ and Little Britain (after a good talking to from DP) set Nice pint up for the glory shot and he didn’t let us down, BOOM double 9 and the third roar of the night. A great performance and man of the match is between Nice Pint for his three doubles and me for my superb captaincy, but I’m going to sleep on it….to be continued. 😴

Three-dart 62 shutout from Nice Pint was an epic end to the night 👍 I echo the skipper’s comments about Scunthorpe- a thoroughly nice bunch to spend an evening with.

A thoroughly enjoyable night. Scunthorpe are a great bunch like their manger and ours Nigel Adkins. It’s a team game.

I met a girl on the train and offered her my bottle opener. Turned out her bottle wasn’t beer, but orange wine she stole because she was annoyed with her ex asking her for dinner with no intention of actually getting back with her and ending the evening by introducing her to his next girlfriend. She guessed my age at 22 so I think she might be my new favourite person even though she got off at the next stop and I don’t know her name. I googled the wine she stole and it generally retails at £65 a bottle. Feel like she had a win tonight too.

Does she play darts ?

Before I decide who is the man of the match, I need you do do a drug test Nice Pint… Passed the drug test, honest Guv
OK, I believe you, you are man of the match, again 👏👏👏

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