London Saints

APFSCIL Darts Division 1 London Saints V Newcastle A Lost 3 – 6

It started so well, 3-0 up but despite having chances in most legs we eventually went down 3-6. nice pint got the ball rolling with a great and noisy double 19 to win the first leg and scare the shit out of Newcastle and everyone else in the pub with his victory roar. Me and DP then easily won the doubles with me hitting a double one (of course) then my little Nephew Harry on debut hit an emphatic double 17 to win the trebles and put us 3 up. Alas it was all downhill from there, we were 4-3 down by the time the pizzas arrived and we hoped the food break would put a halt to their momentum, but despite Li’l Harry amazing a 250 lead in typical London Saints style he missed around 20 attempts at double one and lost, we decided as everyone had a full glass there was no beer leg and we lost that last team game too…a six three defeat again, but on the plus side we weren’t completely outplayed, and we do have a new player in our squad. Man of the Match goes to Nice Pint for the roar alone !

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