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Saints Third Win of the Season Beating Exeter 6 – 3

Unlike last time out I thought we’d win easy tonight but in the end we had to fight back from 2-3 down winning the last 4 legs for a 6-3 win and a third success from four outings. We eventually won the opening team game with a double from Simon, coming back from 200 + down !  (Their lead partly down to the bad atmosphere created by me forgetting all about our diversity pick Jenni in the team order) we lost the triples but then a double from David in  the pairs restored our advantage. Simon, me and Andy all won our singles to win the match, then the icing on the cake was Nice Pint (who’s been playing darts for 50 plus years but didn’t know where double 7 was) hitting his target at first attempt, the roar was loud and he very nearly punched me in the face celebrating 🙄 Great win team, another very enjoyable night. Hopefully the two Manchesters will get back to me soon to arrange the next games 🤞😇 thanks all PC 

I should add, normally two winning doubles would win Simon man of the match, but attempting to set me up to win the (non) beer leg from 111 he scored a pathetic 7 to leave his captain requiring 104 ! All worked out well in the end as it set up both champagne moment and man of the match, rolled into one,  for the one and only John ‘nice pint’ Smith 👏👏👏

Note from Jenni

@⁨saintjvs⁩ please make sure you don’t miss (Dover’s face) next time yeah? 😉

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