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End of Season Review

Thank goodness that’s over! 

A season that began with a whimper (defeat to a poor Crystal Palace team, League Cup exit to Brentford and second half capitulation to Spurs) went out even more timidly (0-3 to West Ham, admittedly a side who can be pleased with their 2020/21 efforts). In between we had some memorable performances to take us to the top of the league, no less, and with real hopes of pressing on in the new year. Then the goals dried up towards the end of December and after Liverpool were beaten, teams seemed to have worked out how to play against Ralph-ball – a dismal run of a record six consecutive league defeats ensued. The 2021 form will have us cited as one of the relegation favourites for the coming season, and rightly so: good teams don’t get a succession of bad results, and they don’t tend to let in nine in a game either. 

But then there was the Cup (the proper one), a competition that we prioritised, and rightly so. It may have helped that some opponents didn’t share that strategy, but you can only play against what’s in front of you. Forster played in all the matches, letting in just that one fatal semi-final goal – a contrast with the league form which mostly featured McCarthy. Some of our members were lucky enough to be at Wembley for the last game, and many more would have made it to the final, but it would still have been unreal, wouldn’t it? Maybe better waiting till next year? 

Next year, though, will surely to be difficult. If the coach doesn’t know which is our better keeper, might it be best to get rid of both? Bertrand thinks he can better himself elsewhere, so it may be goodbye to him too. The rest of the defence look OK individually, but why do they concede so many goals? The necessary surgery will cost, but Mr. G’s business plan is in tatters and Katerina doesn’t have enough money and may not have the inclination either. Selling Ings, who might be unsettled anyway, could be the answer, but where would we be without his goals – a rhetoric question, any answer would be deeply disturbing. Incidentally, we’ll be without those sash shirts as well: don’t let them come back any time soon. 

No man of the match round up as, unlike Ward-Prowse’s playing record, I didn’t see all the games, TV or live. 

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