London Saints

London Saints 5 – Man U 6

Saints narrowly lost to Man U, started slowly , good bit in the middle and lost our way at the end.
We had a debutant – Elise and all women pair of Jennie and Elise winning their doubles with Elise throwing the winning double.
Paul and Nice Pint won their doubles with Paul throwing the winning double.
Single wins for Matt Lucas , Paul and Nice Pint – the roar was heard.
We were 5 – 3 up and Man U looked a bit worried. We lost the 3 remaining games including the beer leg.
We did have chances to get the all-important 6th game but couldn’t finish.
A bit like the football team.
A credible performance from all.
We did our best to get them rattled by playing songs not of their liking on the juke box – Blue Moon did seem to work.

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