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Exeter at the Horseshoe Won 5 – 6

A 6 – 5 victory over Exeter last night sees us second in the league.

With the opening team game won, Paul and Nick won their doubles Due to each team only having five the next game was a triple with unfortunately Mick, John and Jenni losing.

On to the singles Paul lost a close game with their best player, Nick won his, Mick and Jenni losing theirs, so with two games left we were a point behind.John’s singles had the APFSCIL darts record keepers checking the facts. At 21 minutes with each player on double one was this a new record. The game lasted nearly the whole of the second half of the Sheffield United v Arsenal game. Then the peace of the Horseshoe and the surrounding area was shattered and this meant only one thing, the mighty Nice Pint roar was heard and to the relief of everyone John had his double one.

The final  team game which being the beer leg, had the desired effect on Jenni who being faced with 36 to win calmly stepped up, the first dart a cleverly placed marker and the second slotting into the double 18 not only winning the match but securing her a glass of red wine.

Thanks to Exeter for as always being excellent opponents.

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