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Darts Away Man City Lost 6 – 5

Let’s start with the good news, we had a full team and even a reserve last night and each of our players won at least two games.

Now the bad news, although all our players won at least two games for most that was just the two team games, unfortunately between us we only won another 3 matches and ending up losing 6-5….Citeh did have a couple of new players, a guy called Andy and his girlfriend who played because as usual they were short of players, they also had Lynn from behind the bar who was probably their best player.

Game one : Tom smashed in a the double one we had been practicing in the warm up 1-0
Two : an edgy affair but John and I managed to win a point with a double 7 finish 2-0
Three and Four : Two more close games but Citeh managed to win both 2-2
Five : having been behind all the way I finally beat Caroline with a double 16 3-2
Six, Seven ,Eight and Nine : I’d had a few pints by this stage but I think we lost 4 on the trot in what turned out to be a decisive period of the match. 3-6
Ten : Having struggled in the doubles Tom managed to get most of his darts in the board this time and beat Caroline who was drawn to play her second game of singles. 4-6
Eleven : The beer leg, we all raised our game for this one and Chairman Mick rammed home a double 12 sending Citeh to the bar. 5-6

Verdict : Great to have a squad to pick from, but It’s going to be a long season !

Paul Calais

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