London Saints

No semi finals for years and two come at once

It was a night London Saints darts had been waiting for years progress into the darts cup semi final, record books are being checked to see when this last happened. 

Playing Plymouth away, Saints had the advantage of the game being played at their training pub The Sir Sydney Smith.

 The captain surprisingly won the toss! 

The first team game 801 was won by Plymouth, then on to the pairs 601 with Tom and Paul and Nick and Mick winning theirs with the two Johns unfortunately losing. 

So it was two all going into the singles 501, we started brightly with Tom and Paul both winning, then both Nick and Mick struggled to hit double one and lost.

Four all, then the ‘Roar’ stepped up, nearly back to full voice after a nasty cough, did not let the side down and after several attempts the mighty roar was heard as he slotted home double one. 

John  W was unlucky to lose his singles, so the deciding leg was the team game we managed to keep about 100 ahead of Plymouth and requiring 35 up stepped Tom (I have a West Bromwich Building Society account) Owen and the rest was history three, double sixteen. 

We now eagerly await the semi final draw on next Monday.


  • Tom (WBBS) Owen
  • Paul (Dover) Calais
  • Nick (Heads) Head
  • Mick (Chair) Strickland
  • John (The Smith roared last night)
  • John (Somerset) Watkins

Nick (Team Captain)

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