London Saints

Nascott v London Saints – Sun 30th July – Cassiobury Park, Watford

London Saints 78 (McIntyre 16 no, Griffiths 15)

Nascott 79 – 3 (1 wicket each for McIntyre, Nanton and Grimes)

Match Reporter A. Mayhew (Totally unbiased and all his own views – Ed)

It was with a certain amount of despair that we turned up at Cassiobury Park; pissing down with rain, no changing rooms, no toilets and Neil was playing. Matters were not helped by John losing the toss and having to bat first on a drenched pitch with an outfield of long, wet grass. To be fair the pitch didn’t play too bad but it was virtually impossible to hit boundaries, just to get the ball off the square was a major achievement. Scoreboard pressure and a certain amount of desperation led to the first 3 wickets all being run-outs. As a normally very good runner between the wickets (like I said Andy is writing this – Ed) I was shocked at what I was seeing at the other end, especially from John who as captain should have been setting a better example.

Despite an awful lot of effort we could only limp along at 2/3 runs per over, it was only thanks to a valiant 16 n.o. from Mike ( thanks to Nascott for letting him bat by himself at the end as we only had 10) that allowed us to reach 78.The innings was punctuated by a some-what curious incident: Tony walked 60 yards over to the scorers to say that the leg bye he had given in the previous over had mysteriously brushed Neil’s glove on the way to hitting his pad and he should be given a single. Neil was out next ball for 1 ??? allowing him to avoid outright lead in the duck trophy and a well-deserved Hilda.

Nascott didn’t find scoring much easier than us but their big hitting opener with 40 odd made the difference. Tony got the fellow opener out hit wicket (well-spotted John Smith) and 2 yorkers from Nanton and Mike accounted for the only 3 Nascott wickets to fall. If we ever get a copy of the scorebook it looks fairly grim but I didn’t think we played that badly, we just couldn’t get the ball away under those trying conditions. On a more positive note a bright, new wicket keeping talent emerged (no byes) that had the local wicket keeping fans purring with delight (Now this is where I should intervene but not being present I will let this latest fantast statement from Mr Mayhew to ride – Ed). Jonesie (back-up keeper no. 827), it time to concentrate on your batting.

Champagne moment: Peter discovering an erotic mud stain on his flannels

Man of the Match: Mike; highest run scorer, best bowler and fielder, and he didn’t run anybody out.

PS – Nanton’s retirement speech after the match rather lost its dramatic effect after he got another duck and dropped a dolly but interest was revived after he promised a free bar at his upcoming nuptials.

London Saints

 Griffiths run out 15

Grimes run out 0

Mayhew run out 10

  1. Collis lbw Derek 6

Hotston b Shish 1 (after the re-award of a leg bye to his score)

Nanton b Craig 0

McIntyre not out 16

Berkeley b Shish 7

Pearce ct ? b Chav 0

Smith b Shish 0

Extras 23

Total 78 all out

 Nascott 79 – 3

 Due to Nascott buggering off and no one from our team thinking about asking them for their scorebook, our bowling figures are unavailable for the first time in our 409 game history – efforts are being made to retrieve these from Nascott if they ever reply !! – Ed)

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