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Problems With Tickets

Please can you all be aware that for the second occasion this week, one of the London Saints members has been denied access to the ground, because the ticket has been cancelled and a duplicate ticket issued, fortunately both managed to get into the games, but both had to pay for an additional ticket. Due to the way I allocate the tickets we get, some via official London Saints Allocation from Saints 25 tickets and a further 13 tickets using Members Season tickets, I try to get the regular away supporters (e.g. Those who go to games up North) to sit together, so I allocate the 25 tickets to these first then the 13 to less regular supporters. So this means the each members customer no is not necessarily against the ticket I’ve allocated to you This is not helped by the fact that the club does not confirm to me which members customer no has been recorded against each seat. I actually keep a record of every ticket I allocate to members so it is easy for me to get a duplicate ticket if necessary issued. So in future, could you please contact me before going to the club to get any similar issues sorted out. Regards Terry

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