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Looking for Southampton fans

FANTV is the country’s first LIVE TV channel dedicated to fans. This fast paced 5 nights a week show (7pm to 10pm during the week, and 4-7pm on Saturdays) will be the only appointment to celebrate football from a supporter’s perspective with conversation, terrace tales and features you won’t find anywhere else on TV.

 But, the backbone of this exciting new show is fans discussing football, creating lively debate each night. We have lined up some big sponsors, excellent presenters, celebrity football fans and club YouTube Fan TV presenters, but we need Twitter Kings/ Fan Forum/Blog specialists to be in our studio (in Central London) joining the “real fans” from your club alongside.

 We broadcast on Sky channel 212, Mobile, the Web and stream live through Facebook and YouTube together with our media partners – all contributing towards creating a strong FANTV cult community. Our presenters include Justin Lee Collins, Toby Tarrant and Kiri Bloore. 

 We have been getting a fantastic response from the Premier League clubs (who we will feature primarily), but Championship clubs will be on board too, so I’m establishing relationships with the best people who represent their fans.

We’d love to get some Saints fans involved in the show, either at our studio in Central London or via Skype. Southampton will be on tomorrow Wednesday 24th August and Thursday 15th September.

Let us know if you are interested. If you are, feel free to call me back on my phone number below or send me an email. Then we can discuss more details.

 Also, if you’d like to get involved via Skype send me your Skype handle please. 

Email :  Sean Thomas <>


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