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Tel The Tickets End Of Season Report 2015/16

Away Sales this season

The season started early with the Vitesse Arnhem (Europa League Qualifier), even before the season proper had started, for this match with the aid of Possie and Frank in Holland, plus my signing up to Vitesse’s website (still getting emails regards tickets), we managed to secure 44 tickets for this game.

The next round due to the small capacity and subsequent allocation of only 500 tickets, we had a few issues getting tickets but helped by a mate of Steve Kneller in Denmark we eventually managed to get 14 tickets..

On the league front was reasonably busy apart from Newcastle (not surprising as only 3 days after Vitesse game), Liverpool (on TV), Man U and Everton.

Tickets            Price               Total

                                                Sold                                         Cost (incl. booking SFC Fee)          


Vitesse Arnhem(Europa)        44                   £12                  £ 528

Newcastle*                 –           14                    £27                  £ 392

FC Mitjylland Europa)           14                    £20                  £ 280

Watford                                 35                    £35                  £1260

West Brom                  –           38                    £25                  £ 988

Milton Keynes (Cup) –           21                    £12                  £ 252

Chelsea*                      –           23                    £50 / £47         £ 1,158

Liverpool                     –          10                    £47                  £480

Sunderland                  –           27                    £34                  £ 945

Man City*                   –           17                    £44 / £42         £ 757

Palace                          –           38                    £40                  £ 1,558

West Ham*-                            39                    £22.50            £ 916.50

Norwich City*                        40                    £22.50             £ 940

Man U                         –           9                     £46                  £ 423

Arsenal                        –           43                    £26                  £1,161

Swansea                      –           21                    £35                  £ 756

Bournemouth              –           29                    £33                  £ 986

Stoke                           –           27                    £25                  £ 702

Leicester                      –           34                    £35                  £1,224

Everton                       –           12                    £39                  £ 480

Villa                            –           31                    £41                  £1,302

Spurs                           –           35                    £41 / £37         £1,452

Totals              601                                          £18,940.50


League Average – 27

*Tickets subsidised by club

A few reminders for next season-:

  1. Maximum price for Away tickets next season will be £30, so tickets for previously expensive away games where sales have been lower as a result, eg. Chelsea, Man Utd., Liverpool are likely to have more demand next season
  2. If members are transferring money into my bank account for tickets could they please let me know when they do so and also make it clear in the transfer who has made transfer and if possible which games the transaction covers.
  3. If people need tickets sent to them please ensure you send SAE’s First class as I sometimes get tickets very late from ticket office and if SAE not first class causes both I and member concerned problems, also please send SAE’s earlier, as had a few issues for Spurs game.
  4. We have once again been successful in getting to Europe let me know of your interest as soon as possible (NB draw for 3rd Qualifying stage July 15th if we finish 6th and Man U fail to win FA cup cup), but if we finish 5 or 6th and Man U win cup would be 28th August for Group Stages.

Dates of games for qualifying games and group matches

3rd round qualifying – 28th July and 4th August

Play-off round        – 18th August and 25th August

Group Stage –                      Matchday 1                 15th September

Matchday 2                 29th September

Matchday 3                 20th October

Matchday 4                 3 November

Matchday 5                 24 November

Matchday 6                 8 December

From last years games it should be noted that Saints are only entitled to 5% of tickets available for away games, so tickets will be hard to come by, although I’m sure if we end up playing the likes of Hertha Berlin or Inter Milan we’d get loads of tickets, so bear this in mind before booking any flights etc..for Europa away games.

As we will be in Europa League, Saints will once again get a bye through to 3rd round of Capital One cup

I am in the process of purchasing a couple of bottles of wine and box of biscuits for Lee in the Box Office for his valuable assistance once again this season.

Thanks once again to Neil Hotson, Charlie Laing, Ivor Davies, Nick Head, Steve Keenan, Pete Simpson and John Smith for getting us extra tickets when required using their season tickets.

In addition thanks to six other season ticket holders James Trevis, Peter Rattue, James Whitworth, Ray Betts, Mike McIntyre, Rob Paige whose season tickets have been used on a regular basis since our return to the Premier.

Anyway another great season, with the two great Europa league trips and on the domestic front a great trip via night out in Durham to Sunderland, with third successive top 8 finish.

Thanks to majority of you for paying promptly for your tickets.

Terry Trevis

London Saints Ticket Co-ordinator

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