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LSSC Caribbean tour: Day 10

Friday 30th May was a public holiday in Trinidad, celebrating Indian Arrivals Day. Indian and Chinese labour was indented by the British in the second half of the 19the century, and particular on their southernmost West Indian territories, i.e. Trinidad, plus Guyana on the South American mainland.

Groups within the party did their own ‘things’ on IAD. Nick and Reg created their own seniors’ tour on the municipal golf course: ‘a challenging course, ably handled by two experienced golfers’ (quote: N. Head), which Reg won ‘having had all the luck’ (N. Head again). That’s fair enough for a London Saints tour, but the maturity of this year’s gathering can be seen by the numbers attracted by the excitement of the flower show on the Queen’s Park Savannah instead.

The T20 tournament at the Queen’s Park Oval reached its climax, and I wandered over for the double header: third place and grand final. The ‘Merryboys’ won the first match on Duckworth Lewis and the rain break enabled me to catch up with the lads watching the England football match in the main bar. These guys and a few more then made it down for the actual final, which featured three or four test players and was contested between Powergen from the south and host club Queen’s Park. Quite a game too, with some late hits seeing the ‘Parkites’ home off the last ball. The multi-media promotion of the Saints game on the same ground continued with Steve Keenan being interviewed as part of the live T20 TV coverage.

We said goodbye to more tourists today with the Buaklee-Jones clan flying home. That leaves Emma Thomas as the youngest left, and she goes home on Sunday. Watch the average age gallop up then!

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