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LSSC Caribbean tour: Day 8

So it’s finally farewell to the Toucan, Biggs Hotshot Bar and the people of Tobago who taught us to bear the Pochettino news with Caribbean calm: don’t worry, be happy!

The island transfer was carried out in two waves. First to leave, at 4:45 am, were those opting for the ferry journey – despite the incredibly early start, these travellers included those the last to leave Biggs’ – you can probably guess the names. On arrival, they were surprised to be met by a taxi organised by The Toucan’s Mr Fixit, known as Mr B. He deserves a belated mention anyway for spending four hours in A&E while NIck was being attended to.

DT has described the Trini leg as Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll. In fact there were so many cautions about Dreadlock Holiday being more appropriate that it began to seem like a cracked record. Diane at the bar singled out Where’s John for a particular warning: “I know you like to wander off on your own, but don’t try it in Port of Spain.” By 3 pm he was gone, just a hat and shades left on a table in a bar. (No harm done, in case you’re worried.)

Some of us have already been inside the a Queens Park Oval, venue for Saturday’s match. There’s a televised inter-club T20 tournament going on this week, and we caught the closing overs of a one-sided game. That was as much by accident as design, after discovering that you can access the ground via its bar. Reg, Pete and Terry also discovered that you can access the dressing rooms as well, and were almost padding up before opting for discretion instead. It was too late to escape detection, and they have incurred the considerable wrath of an Oval official – we’re already unpopular, and haven’t even arrived yet.

I’ve been asked how England teams have fared in PoS. The nadir was surely 20 years ago when the tourists were bowled out for 46 (Stewart 18, Ambrose 6-24). At least he won’t be playing (please God!), but nor will Alec Stewart either. However, we can do better than 46! Can’t we.

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