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LSCC Caribbean tour: Day 6

Day six saw the second function of the Tobago leg: a reception with Orville London, Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly. This is the devolved government of the smaller island within the T&T republic, and their office of information has been filming our progress, including this event. After the usual preliminaries, Mr. London asked for questions from the party. OMG, as the young people say! But we were well up for it, with eminently sensible contributions. J. Quinn (Hamble) asked about relationships with the larger island; M. Stanley (Bath) wanted to know about any conflict between the need for building land and for rain forest conservation; and P. Berkeley (somewhere near Portsmouth) noted that the sports grounds we had visited were government funded, and could the C.S. provide more details? The whole compilation should end up on U-Tube for you all to see – details to be posted when known.

Back at base camp (now mosquito alley in the evenings) it was a slow news day, apart from Garry and Pamela’s report about seeing the hummingbirds up country. Slow news elsewhere on the island as well: the six o’clock radio news bulletin drew the attention of those listening in the bar with a story about the London Saints cricket tourists continuing their losing streak, including an interview with C & B’s captain, Marcus. “But it’s not just about cricket,” continued the announcer, as the item went on to broadcast Mr. London’s opening remarks and DT’s response from earlier in the day. The Chief Secretary’s answer to Pete’s query was also included. Apparently we made another TV appearance as well, but no-one got to see that one.

On the sporting from, the much heralded golf tournament finally took place – Steve Keenan will report later…

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