London Saints

LSSC Caribbean tour: Day 5

Tobago Sunday School

Another day, another match – and 20 year old footballers complain of crowded schedules! As before, an official report has the important details, but once again we found generous hosts, and I think rather more the style of game we wanted. Also, there can’t have been many days when the London Saints scored more than the entire England team. What’s more, I had the privilege of facing a West Indian bowler named Sobers!

Evening entertainment was taken up by a visit to ‘Sunday School,’ a legendary Tobago street party, which apparently begins a bit touristy and only warms up at 11 p.m. when the steel band is replaced by sound systems. Our transport home was at 11:30! Certainly for our period there, the majority of complexions were pasty white (or beetroot red for those who’ve been over for a few days), but things were starting to change by the time we pushed off.

Back at the hotel, Steve Keenan has organised a ‘pour your own’ late licence, with the inevitable late noise. This has attracted complaints from the captain, who issued several public warnings over breakfast. Now this could go one of two ways; on the one hand, the miscreants might mend their ways, while on the other…

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