London Saints

LSCC Caribbean tour: Day 4


Match day! Just a brief update as the important details can be found in the ‘official’ report. Suffice to say that C&B’s centurion survived several catching opportunities, but even so his score was almost enough to win the game on his own. But I can’t really comment on the batting, having opted instead to watch the Champions Cup final in the nearby shed (there’s no other word for it) and thus passing by the chance to be part of the collapse.

Evening entertainment was Oldies Night (no, not just the team – except for young Harry) in our favourite bar. It was noticeable that squad numbers 1 to 15 treated the glam-pop era with disdain, although admittedly number 16 seemed to be the ringleader. So, have the team ignored the advice from C&B’s skipper not to drink too much at their peril? The next match is due in couple of hours time, having been put back an hour due to overnight rain…

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