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LSSC Caribbean tour: Day 2

The skipper gets a bit too competitive at times...

The skipper gets a bit too competitive at times…

Day two lived up to its billing of chill, hangout, beach, with a beach bar thrown in naturally. That there was table football as well was a bonus, and an impromptu World Cup was duly won by Steve Keenan, playing as Russia (boo!), although his opponent in the final is still complaining of underhand tactics. This pleasant interlude was followed by a mixture of blind panic and farce as one of our party ventured into the sea with wallet still in pocket… and with inevitable results. So it was back into the sea for the rest of us as well, some aided by snorkel equipment to help the search. Amazingly first an enclosed USB card and then the wallet itself were located, albeit with no further sign of its 600 TT dollars. Of course what goes on tour sometimes has to stay on tour, so the name of the particular idiot involved cannot be revealed – suffice to say he’ll be the one tossing up with the opposition skipper on Saturday.

The forthcoming game is beginning to occupy some minds, and various locals have now been asked if they play cricket (answer invariably ‘yes’) and if they fancy a game (everyone too polite to say ‘no’ but no real expressions of interest). Those approached include one of the hotel’s cleaners, but as she harbours ambitions of a career in the women’s game, she’d be far too good to mix with the likes of us.

Meanwhile the day at the beach was concluded with a trip out in a glass-bottomed boat, which was far more interesting than it sounds, or indeed had promised to be – perhaps the gallon or so of rum punch thoughtfully included in the deal helped. A far less Eco-friendly excursion is on some agendas for day three, so blogging duties may have to be passed on to one of the participants – one with fewer scruples and more money than this writer, anyway.

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