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Dominant Win (yes, really) for the Cricketers

Report by Andy Mayhew.

On another hot day we were all relieved to find out we were batting first. A combination of some good shots from Damian and Mr Scones plus some erratic opening bowling resulted in an opening partnership of over 50 coming up in double quick time.However, after Mr Scones was bowled it led to a mini collapse and we were suddenly 4 wickets down for not many more runs. However, Warren (our latest overseas star) and Pike steadied the ship and Warren in particular peppered the short leg side boundary with 4’s and 6’s. We carried on scoring at a good rate, Warren got a well deserved 50 and a very useful 28 not out from Roy Rogers lookalike Mike enabled us to pass 200 for the first time in a very long time batting first.

We went into Tea feeling ver chuffed with ourselves and the sudden downpour didn’t do us any harm either,slowing down a very rapid outfield. Jonty opened up with DT, who both bowled excellently. Jonty bowled the dangerous Ryan, picked up another wicket almost immediately afterwards plus a kamikaze run out left them reeling at 7-3. Tony continued the good work,bowling very tightly and picking up 2 well deserved wickets. Mark managed to get a wicket with his first ball but the less said about the other 11 the better. Tiger snaffled a father-daughter combination with an extraordinary display of flight and then even more flight. DT managed to instigate another run out with a great sliding tackle at mid wicket.

Mr Scones managed to pick up another wicket with a rank full toss which surely should not be allowed to stand in the bowling averages. The game was finally finished by another suicidal run out resulting in our 3rd ever biggest win batting first. Apart from dropped catches by myself and Jonty it was a day when everything went our way: good,sensible batting,good running between the wickets, tight bowling and some very sharp fielding. After some of the tonkings we have taken in recent years it was nice to have the boot on the other foot for once.

Man of the Match- a very close call between Warren and Mike but for some very useful late order runs,great fielding as always and some tight bowling it goes to Mike.

Champagne Moment – Wath’s exquisite cover drive( not a sentence i was ever expecting to write)

Non Champagne Moment- nobody getting a duck, leaving yours truly in grave danger of winning the duck trophy or having to take a very long holiday in august.

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