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Youth Reversal System bears fruit as Nice Pint goes down well

Despite the late withdrawal from Garry who was having a crisis in his bakery and the request to be dropped from Chairman Mick, because he was not allowed out as he had run out of “Brownie Points” London Saints won a tightly contested match against Exeter City last night 6 -3 at the White Lion.

The match started badly for us against a very strong Exeter side as Mick Mc and Stevie G both lost their singles in very close matches.

Capt Reg steadied the ship to bring the match back to1 – 2 but then DT lost what he claims to be his first singles match of the season to put it back to 1-3.

Things did not look any better with Trigger playing a very talented opponent, who proceeded to produce a fantastic 4 ball clearance and it looked like we were 4-1 down with just the latest product off of our Youth Reversal production line – John(Nice Pint) Smith to save us. BUT for once the gods smiled on us and after the Exeter players fine Black disappeared down the bottom left pocket, the White, on an extremely fast table, was also on a mission to disappear down the middle pocket. The Exeter player was almost in tears but we were back in the game at 2-3 with Nice Pint to come.

To everyone’s surprise apart from Capt Reg, who had spotted the talent and made a brave decision to give him a start, John produced a stunning performance and won the match quite comfortably. The mighty Smithy victory roar was obviously heard at the end of the frame. So 3-3 and all square going into the doubles.

First up were Trigger and DT against, probably Exeter’s strongest pairing and they both played brilliantly with DT finishing off with a superb Black (to make up for his singles defeat!) and then last season’s 2 discoveries – now pool team veterans – Mick Mc & Stevie G put on a good performance to win their frame and the match. That just left Reg & Nice Pint to finish them off in rather fortunate circumstances again. Reg missed an absolute sitter on the Black but we were very fortunate to get a second and third bite of the cherry with Reg finally finishing them off to give us a 6-3 victory.

Just one league game to play now at home to Nottingham Forest on Monday 1st July.

Newcastle need just 2 points from their final game next week against the bottom club, West Brom to tie up the Championship.

We need 8 points from our final game to be absolutely sure of coming runners up but there are only 2 sides left who could catch us, being Sunderland who would need at least 22 points from their remaining 2 matches and Nottingham Forest who would need at least 40 points from their remaining 4 games to catch us. This of course would also depend on us getting thrashed in our last match which is against Forest, so we can tie 2nd place up Monday week hopefully.

Man of the Match award definitely goes to John (Nice Pint) Smith on a fine season’s debut.

Latest League Table:

Pos Team Played Won Lost For Against Difference Points
1 Newcastle United 9 8 1 60 21 +39 84
2 Southampton 9 7 2 52 29 +23 73
3 Middlesbrough A 10 6 4 47 43 +4 65
4 Middlesbrough B 10 4 6 42 48 -6 54
5 Exeter City 9 5 4 38 40 -2 53
6 Sunderland 8 5 3 37 35 +2 52
7 Hearts 9 3 6 37 44 -7 46
8 Barrow/Plymouth Argyle 9 3 6 35 46 -11 44
9 Nottingham Forest 6 3 3 24 30 -6 33
10 Hull City 7 1 6 23 37 -14 26
11 West Bromwich Albion 6 1 5 16 38 -22 19

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