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Darts team end season on a high with 9-2 thrashing of Blackpool

What a sensational night for the darts team in the last match of the season. The above scoreline is not a typo. Needing just three points to avoid finishing bottom, the brave four of London Saints set out against the five from Blackpool.

The evening began well with a win in the first team game as Mick slotted home x8. Then we had a bit of a worry. Jim/Mick and Steve/John S. lost both of the next couple of doubles and we were wondering if we would crack. ‘We need to win 9-2 said Blackpool to avoid finishing bottom’ and for a momemt or two we had our concerns. Steve/John were drawn again to play the third doubles and super scorer Steve slid home the winning dart to bring us level.

Steve was on top top form scoring well all night.

The singles: Wow! We won all six singles which has been done before but probably back in the dark ages. First it was our favourite adopted skate Jim (he also drinks Carling) who got us the third point that we needed. Did we stop there – oh no. Mick then Steve followed up. John had the honour of trying to win the match – and he did. Almost in deference to the thrashing that Blackpool were getting, the John roar was muted.

Jim and Mick were drawn to play the extra singles matches. Both came through as winners. This put us in unchartered waters – we were 8-2 up – never been known before. The last team game saw us lose concentration a little (probably because Blackpool did not want a beer leg) until the whip had to cracked to get us scoring again. Demoralised Blackpool were caught and it was Jim who scored our ninth leg. We almost fell on the floor at such a victory when at the start of the evening we only wanted three points.

Blackpool had all their regulars too so this was no mean feat.

Some had left, but John and myself saw a big presence of about six Metropolitan police officers follow a group of lads into the pub. Apparently they had not paid for their drinks (at a previous pub I presume as they were drinking in our pub).

Man of the Match: Steve – for his consistently high scores and for getting the important leg to put us level.

Embarrassment of the night: Jim – for throwing a dart into the floor, Reg style, so we did not bust. How low can Pompey get, we asked?! Much lower apparently.

The Stats:

Team Leg 1: Won (Mick double)

Jim/Mick: Lost
Steve/John: Lost
Steve/John: Won (Steve double)

Jim: Won
Mick: Won
Steve: Won
John: Won
Mick: Won
Jim: Won

Team Leg 2: Won (Jim double)

Season figures: Played 10, Won 3, Lost 7, Legs Won 52, Legs Lost 58, Points 58, Position 5th

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