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London Saints pipped by Exeter in season finale

Skipper Ray Betts (left) celebrates the runners-up slot

Pool skipper Ray Betts reports on the last match of the season and how London Saints secured runners-up slot in the league of supporters’ clubs in London (Apfscil):

We beat Middleborough 6 – 3 with the following team :- Reg – DT – Tandori Andy – Stevie G – Trigger & Glasgow Al.

Reg, Al & Trigger all lost their singles frames.

There were fine victories from DT (he’s got his own pool table now so has obviously been putting in some extra practice!), Tandori Andy after years of practice in the Land of the Rising Sun and Stevie G who at last managed to win a singles match! This left it 3-3 at half time and after getting stuck into the complimentary grub we managed to win all 3 doubles games to run out (sorry Pete no reference to the sight screen intended) 6-3 winners.

This concludes the 2011/12 season and as you can see from the league table below we look like finishing in a disappointing 4th place.

P  W  L   F   A   Diff  Pts
1  Exeter City                          8  6  2  45  27   18   63
2  Southampton          8  5  3  40  32    8    55
3  Sunderland           7  5  2  36  27    9    51
4  Newcastle United             6  5  1  33  21   12   48
5  Nottingham Forest            7  2  5  29  34   -5    35
6  West Bromwich Albion         6  2  4  27  27    0    33
7  Hull City                        5  2  3  18  27   -9    24
8  Middlesborough               6  1  5  21  33  -12   24
9  Heart of Midlothian                  5  1  4  12  33  -21   15

Things do look promising for next season though, as we have a very healthy (in size not fitness!) squad of 12 as follows:-

1.   Capt Reg – enough said.
2.   Chairman Mick  – steady and unflappable unless playing against a Forest Gump look alike at quarter to Midnight.
4.   DT – Marked improvement since young Daniel has been giving him lessons on their new pool table.
3.   Trigger – No marked improvement this season despite Alex’s hours of tuition on their snooker table.
4 & 5 – New comers Stevie G and Mick Mc – Both showing gradual signs of improvement following Capt Reggies training sessions. Gradually learning not to smash the ball in and the     gentle art of the game, like leaving the ball over the pocket and snookering (Percy) the opponent whenever possible.
6.   Tandori Andy – Back from Tokyo after several years and showing some fine oriental touches.
7.   Lord Lucan (Steve Keenan)- I see where he gets his nick-name, managed to make one appearance this season.
8.   The Wath – Again only a few appearances this season and when he did appear often had some very weird mates with him.
9.   Bangcock Keith –  Just back from his travels trying to find a Real Ale Brewery in Asia. Should see more of him next season provided the rash clears up.
10. John (lovely pint ) Smith – Kept the bench warm all season and the team amazed with his fascinating facts on life.
11. Nick Head – Not much seen of him this season thanks to Southern Railway timetables.
12. Glasgow Al – Came out of retirement for the last game of the season(and promptly lost!)

Anyway, that’s it for this season unless they have a summer cup in which case I’ll be back in touch. Otherwise have a great summer of Euros/Jubilees/Olympics etc etc and see you all next season – Premiership & all – when perhaps we can get our title back after 3 barren years.

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