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Darts latest: another defeat!


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Another night for our brave darts team, another defeat – Saints 2 Chester 9.
Team:  John G, DT, Steve G, Mick, John S, Reg.  
Well, the pub was good, the beer was good and the rest…
The opening team game saw us play with five players as DT arrived a little late saying ‘some of us have to work’ (sounds like Nick!).  However there was one player who took a cab from the tube station to the pub, a five minute walk.  That very same player also failed to trouble the chalker on two occasions in the first game.
Before we knew it we had lost the first four games.  We were unlucky in the singles with everybody having a chance at a double.  We slumped to 5-0 after John G. was pipped. Our first point on the board was DT – a long game, but a win is a win.  The match was lost when again Steve was pipped on the post. 
Mick restored some pride by making it 6-2.  John S. had thrown away his darts after his last match (you’ll have to ask if you want to know), but regained lots of pride before falling.  Finally, we nearly had the shock of the night when Reg had a chance or two to win his singles.  The whole pub seemed to be on his side, but it was not to be.
Save to say we lost the beer leg as well.
That makes it 5 games and 5 defeats and a total of 14 points (only 3 less than Chester got last night in one match).
Quote of the night was Reg…’ I’ve regained the knowledge of how to play darts.’  This was after he managed three darts on the board in one go.  Nobody seemed to back up his statement.
But seriously, thanks to all who were there last night – we did have a full team and no need to draw the extra player out of a hat.  We can only get better with 5 more games to go.
Memo to Captain Nick -  we may have to visit our normal home pub, the Old Fountain.  One of the Chester players said he played darts there in the last couple of weeks and since their refurbisments, the pub is not that darts friendly now.

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