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Cricket stories: Jack goes home!

Thanks, Pearcey for a very entertaining report of Sunday’s game against Gents and cheers for honouring me alongside Clive Dunn.

Thanks too, to Jonty for some great pics of the day.

I hope everyone’s not too stiff – there were quite a few injuries, none more puzzling than Jonty injuring himself during the tea interval.

I just thought you might find it entertaining to hear about my day yesterday.

I went to work on Monday with the gout in my right toe steadily getting worse. By 7pm it had spread to my ankle and I was barely able to move my foot, much less walk on it. At 10pm I drove (!) the 70 miles home with the pain in my right foot so painful that every bump was agony. I used my left foot to accelerate and brake as the rest of my body shivered in cold sweats with the pain.

Needless to say I didn’t sleep much that night and in the morning went sick from work and Susannah took me to my GP. I had only been in his surgery a few minutes when I passed out and, when coming round, threw up over the doctor. It was a bit messy but turned out to be a great way to get yourself up the NHS waiting list because within an hour I was in hospital being seen by a consultant.

I then had a series of tests, which included a needle inserted into my gouty toe(!) to check whether I had gout! Luckily the same needle was used to inject some painkillers. I was then given some more painkillers which caused me to sleep for 15 hours.

Oh, the joys of cricket!

Yours, in old age,

White Viv/Jack

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