London Saints

Pool – LSSC move up to second

A fine win at the Royal Star this week for the 5 of us who could make it with all the family/Easter commitments. We beat Exeter, who were sitting 2nd in the league 7-2 with yours truly and Chairman Mick all winning 3 frames each, Alistair winning one and losing one, Keith winning one and somehow, after getting himself back from a possible white wash to lose on the black, it would have been the performance of the season if it had come off against a very good player. Trigger rode in on his Black Cab at 9 o’clock to win his 2 frames.

A dammed good performance but looking at the league table we might have to settle for 2nd place this year. Fixtures remaining are Hearts at home and Hull away, dates to be sorted out.


1. Sunderland 48 pts

2. London Saints 35

3. Exeter City 33

4. West Brom 30

5. Hull City 15

6. Newcastle 9

7. Hearts 7

8. Middlesbro’ 3

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