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Night of the wrinkleys!

A fine evening of potting, arrers, food and drink took place at The Porters Lodge in Central London on Tuesday. 12 LSSC members challenged for the annual individual trophies. These tournaments have been held for 30 years and the crowns were taken by players that have been involved in all of them.
We welcomed new member Pekka Ovaska from Finland. Pekka, now resident in London, attended university in Southampton where he adopted the Saints – favourite player, Antti Niemi!


Night of the wrinkleys!-Body-3

It was Chairman versus Vice Chairman in the final as Mick Strickland saw off the youthful challenge of Jonny Adams in the 3 leg final. The semi-finals were made up of the winners of the following groups which were played on a round robin basis-

Group A
Nick Head bt Mick Strickland
Wath bt Nick Head
Mick S bt Wath
1 win each with Mick Strickland winning the 3 man play-off

Group B
DT bt John Smith
Jonny Adams bt DT
Jonny bt John
2 wins for Jonny

Group C
Steve Cole bt Reggie Betts
Pete Berkeley bt Reg
Steve by Pete
2 wins for Steve

Group D
Pekka Ovaska bt Steve Keenan
Keith Richardson bt Pekka
Steve bt Keith
Keith won the play-off


Night of the wrinkleys!-Body

Semi-final (yoof)
Jonny Adams bt Steve Cole

Semi-final (old gits)
Mick Strickland by Keith Richardson

Mick Strickland beat Jonny Adams
The emotion of the occasion was too much for the pup as the (very) old bald head won the best of 3 final.

In a final not worthy of such an occasion, Reggie’s stifling brand of pool saw him overcome DT who lost in the final for the second year in a row.
The event was a straight knockout with best of 3 final.


Night of the wrinkleys!-Body-2

Round 1
Mick Strickland beat Nick Head
Keith Richardson beat Jonny Adams
Pekka Ovaska beat Pete Berkeley
Reggie Betts beat Steve Cole
Byes – John Smith, Wath, DT & Steve Keenan

Round 2
Pekka beat Keith
Steve.K beat John.S
DT beat Wath
Reg beat Mick.S

Reg beat Pekka
DT beat Steve K

Final (yawn)
Reg beat DT

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