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Great night with the old boys!


Great night with the old boys!-Main

Looks like Brian has finally forgiven Big Lawrie for selling him!

The ‘Counting House’ pub, in the City of London, proved to be a splendid venue and the guests appeared to genuinely enjoy themselves and of course the main objective was achieved with the total amount raised for the ex-Saints charities through this event and the Lords cricket match held in June having totalled £4,000 – this figure is expected rise further once total accounting is complete.


Great night with the old boys!-Body-2


Great night with the old boys!-Body-3

We were fortunate enough to receive the following guests-
John Christie (1950-59)
Tony Godfrey (1958-66)
Wes Maughan (1958-62)
Norman Dean (1961-66)
Ken Jones (1960-71)
Dennis Hollywood (1962-72)
Tommy Hare (1963-66)
Hughie Fisher (1966-75)
Brian O’Neil (1970-74)
Mel Blyth (1974-77)
Manny Andrusweski (1974-84)
Rueben Agboola (1980-85)
Glenn Cockerill (1985-93)
Jimmy Case (1985-91)
Tommy Widdrington (1990-96)
David Hughes (1991-2000)
Lawrie McMenemy (1973-85)


Great night with the old boys!-Body

The majority of the party arrived by coach from Southampton where they were greeted by the committee, fed and watered before making their way to the main room to meet the London Saints members.
Each guest was introduced individually prior to a ‘question and answer’ session which proved to be thoroughly entertaining – and revealing. There were plenty of views offered on all manner of subjects such as Rupert Lowe, Nicola Cortese and Alan Pardew. All of the personalities contributed with some fascinating anectodes including-


Great night with the old boys!-Body-4

– Tony Godfrey, a natural entertainer, offered insight as to how different things were behind the scenesat The Dell 50 years ago.
– Denis Hollywood and Brian O’Neil talked about the ‘alehouse reds’.
– Hugh Fisher, Mel Blyth and Big Lawrie talked about various aspects of the ’76 cup final.
– Glenn Cockerill told a hilarious tale of the second meeting him between himself and Paul Davis at a Masters event.

The second half of the evening was a more informal affair with the players mixing with LSSC members.

For many more pictures of the Ex-Saints evening, check out our Facebook site.

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