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If Carlsberg did nightclubs!

Don’t forget to send your holiday pix to Waterloo Sunset – you in a shirt, in a Saints bar, or with any road/bar/cafe name that will mean something to London Saints!


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body

Hollywood has given us the Redgraves, the Fondas, the Douglas’s – well here’s the latest dynasty – the Triggers!!


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-2

Confusion between Johnny Quinn and his holiday mate, Ricky, who died his hair for the trip and wasn’t really injured at all for the first game, on the correct shirt for the new season. Quinny put him right (we’ve all suffered that) by demonstrating the new shirt, using the local national strip, near a bunch of old rocks that go by the name of Machu Picchu.


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-3

Steve Fox precedes his Wembley trip by showing his colours at The Bernabau


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-4

The outdoor activity (and the mulled wine) is too much for Mark Callen. He was seen in a similar pose at Colchester!


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-5


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-6

Chris Biddicombe (we think), Clydie Weekes (God bless ‘im), James Whitworth, a bearded Eric Shadick, Robin Richardson and Reggie Betts (check out the headband) followed Saints to Sporting Lisbon back in 1981. Will we ever see Saints compete in European competition again?
Here we see the Lisbon boys again. The mystery man was a slimmer, naked version of Mick Lucas in his sex symbol days!


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-7

Steve Keenan (London Saints’ very own Michael Palin) is on top of the world in Northern India looking out to the Himalayas – and to think he missed Rotherham away for that!


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-8


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-9

Conor and Cormac Willis fly the flag in Camp Salou, Costa Dorada, Spain (Ed. Refreshing given the annoying number of Pompey shirts I saw on the same coastline last week). Meanwhile, Mum Bridie brings some glamour to the Nou Camp – we’ll all be there one day!

“I thought I’d send this pic of me with Elena, a guard on the (very) slow train between Sighisoara and Brasov in Romania” – and thanks for doing so, step forward Keith Richardson!


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-10

How many sets of stripes can you get in one photo? Mick Stanley recently moved to the seaside but this looks nothing lke Hastings!


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-12

Thanks to Wath for his summer slideshow including this picture of him daintily clad in a Saints short while rafting.


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-11

Although Le Tour Visited England for the first time in many years, due to the route going close to my brother’s house in France a few of us decided to spend Le Long weekend in Suris near Angouleme at the end of July, writes Terry Trevis. The sorry crew present from left to right are The Rat, Nick, Harry, James, Terry le Billet, Andy (Shed) & Keith (now an overseas ex – London Saint). Keith has more details about the days proceedings and his new life and progress in France on his Blog.

LSSC’s Ray Betts and Pete Francis take a sneaky visit to the revamped Fratton Park to fly the Saints shirt! It’s a big improvement on their old stadium and they now have a 25,000 capacity, says Ray. The pic was taken in Ephisis in Turkey last week – add to the fun by sending your shot of LSSC fans on holiday this summer.


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-13

Those London Saints who bought the LSSC cricket calendar for 2007 had a bit of a shock this morning – we’d all forgotten that Mr June is Neil Hotston, snapped when slumped asleep during the LSSC cricket tour of Sri Lanka. It was horrible…


If Carlsberg did nightclubs!-Body-14

LSSC’s John Griffiths and Steve Keenan fly the colours at the last Ashes Test in Perth – send us your pix of LSSC fans on hols.

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