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Platt pip London Saints


Platt pip London Saints-Spotlight

London Saints – 111-9 and 103
Platt CC – 113-7 and 101-8

The match reporter turned up slightly late and found London Saints 12-3. Not an auspicious start, but things were to get much better – and with just a twist of luck, LSSC would have triumphed over Dew’s Platt CC. But it didn’t quite happen.

Only two runs separated the sides after the first innings. And although Saints set only 101 to win off the last 20 overs, we made Platt struggle so much that it came down to the last ball, from which Platt scored to take the game.

Veteran Andy Jones was firt out, having failed to put in a contact lens. “I’m not making excuses,” said AJ on his quick return to the boundary. “That’s the 3rd time you’ve mentioned that,” said Paul ‘No Sympathy’ Wathan.

Meanwhile, Speedtwin gloved one behind, not that umpire Gavin van Marle knew that. “I gave him out because I thought it hit his bat. I didn’t know you could be out off the glove…”

Technicalities aside, more calamity in the middle when Paul Pearce set of for a run. Unhappily, Neil Hotston didn’t and both stood side by side while the bails were knocked off at the other end. Wath set off with John Griffiths’ advice ringing in his ear: “Play your normal game Wath – don’t do anything stupid.” He was out for 0. “Good partnership, tho,'” said Wath (19 with Trev).

It came down, yet again, to Trevor. Dropped first ball, he flourished and was able to retire undefeated and with a huge 6 to end with. He scored 55 out of the 82-5 total at the time. We ended up with 111, not a great score – but from 39-5, a great recovery – thanks Trev!

LONDON SAINTS 1st innings

Jones c Simon Carey b Alex Jenden 0
Speedtwin c Simon Carey b Alex Jenden 0
Pearce run out 3
Hotson c Alex Jenden b Ed Jenden 8
Wathan c Pete Ampofo b Matt Smith 0
Van Marle run out 7
Mayhew not out 55
Chalmers c Colin Biggs b Neil Petch 12
Griffiths c Colin Biggs b Neil Petch 9
Berkeley b Neil Petch 4
Thomas not out 1

EXTRAS: 11 (4wd 0nb 1lb 6b)

An excellent bowling spell by John Griffiths resulted in three wickets, with DT and Wath taking two apiece. Speedtwin also made an excellent game, takng two catches and a stumping. Gavin not so lucky with the ball – and also fumbled a ball over the boundary, resulting in a loud F**K – “and right in front of the kids’ playground,” observed Pete.

PLATT CC 1st innings

Colin Biggs c Speedtwin b Griffiths 20
Graham Darby c and b Griffiths 12
Simon Carey b Thomas 1
Pete Ampofo b Thomas 29
Trev Slater b Griffiths 2
Neil Petch c Speedtwin b Wathan 22
Matt Smith st Speedtwin b Wathan 2
Martin Dewhurst not out 18
Alex Jenden not out 4

EXTRAS: 3 (1wd 1nb 1lb 0b)

Van Marle 4-0-15-0
Keenan 3-0-21-0
Thomas 3.5-0-18-2
Griffiths 3-0-17-3
Wathan 3-0-21-2
Pearce 3-0-20-0

After a fine barbecue and beers provided by Platt, London Saints girded their loins. Gavin suggested his wife Alex and two girls go for an ice-cream – but Alex loyally said she wanted to stay and watch Gav bat. “I’m batting No 7 – there’ll be plenty of time,” he replied. “But you lot always collapse,” said the astute Alex. She stayed – and Gavin was out batting within 15 minutes.

Having avoided leading the duck trophy, Keenan and Thomas put on 13 for the opening wicket before Neil Petch pulled off the catch of the season to dismiss Keenan. Thomas and Berkeley followed before Griffiths was caught. Chalmers was also uncharacteristically out for a duck on a full toss. Another sharp catch did for Wath after a brisk innings and Pete and Gavin were out having edged the ball to fielders.

That re-united Neil and Paul Pearce in the middle, Paul having only just started talking to Neil after the first innings run out. Neil then inexplicably ran himself out going for a second. “What happened there?” he was asked. “I don’t know,” he replied, honestly. We needed runs and Trevor was marooned, facing few balls while Speedtwin was hit time and again going for his trademark pull shot.

“It’s like watching George Foreman in Rumble in the Jungle – he just stands there getting hit,” said Gavin. Meanwhile, Paul Pearce was run out – again – by a direct hit from Dewi and it was 82-9. But in a final flourish, Old Man Jones hit two boundaries as he and Trevor plundered 14 off the last over. But with 101 to win, would it be enough?

LONDON SAINTS 2nd innings

Keenan c Neil Petch b Simon Carey 6
Thomas b Graham Smith 8
Berkeley c Alex Jenden b Graham Smith 5
Griffiths c Simon Carey b Graham Smith 0
Chalmers b Simon Carey 0
Van Marle c & b Martin Dewhurst 14
Wathan c Simon Carey b Ed Jenden 18
Hotson run out 1
Speedtwin run out 7
Pearce run out 8
Mayhew not out 13
Jones not out 10

EXTRAS: 15 (1wd 2nb 1lb 11b)

No, was the answer. Platt kept pace with the asking rate of 5 an over througout the game – and despite a steady fall of wickets, London Saints couldn’t close out the game. Dewi, with a cackling chorus of supporters, had several lives and his knock proved vital. Platt needed five off the last over and achieved it on the last ball. Great game, as ever.

PLATT SENIORS 2nd innings

Graham Smith c Thomas b Van Marle 0
John Woodhams c Speedtwin b Jones 3
Ed Jenden lbw Berkeley 11
Alex Jenden lbw Griffiths 11
Simon Carey c Jones b Keenan 9
Martin Dewhurst b Thomas 26
Pete Ampofo b Thomas 14
Trev Slater b Griffiths 9
Neil Petch not out 7
Graham Darby not out 2

EXTRAS: 9 (6wd 3nb 0lb 0b)

Van Marle 3-1-6-1
Berkeley 4-0-18-1
Jones 1-0-5-1
Griffiths 4-0-23-2
Keenan 3-0-13-1
Pearce 2-0-24-0
Thomas 3-0-12-2

Champagne moment: Sorry Paul – but after an horrendous run out in the first innings, the direct hit by Dewi to run you out in the second was priceless. Dewi won’t be able to do that again if he played for another 50 years.

Man of the match: For taking 5-40 in the game, Johny Griffiths deserves a mention. Dave Thomas also took 4-30. But for an unbeaten 55, the award (in the ongoing campaign to Keep Trevor Playing), it goes to Mr Mayhew.

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