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A very quick note as I am away for a few days. Yesterday was magnificant, just magnificant. Thanks to the players and guests, friends, just everybody that made it so great. More thanks to those who chased around to get the auction/raffle prizes and the donations to the auction on the night and of course the Cricket Committee and all on LSSC committee. Great game too! Mick Strickland

As I sit here on the train back to deepest Essex on the morning after, basking in the warm glow of RadianB muscle rub and nursing an unexplained ache in my left buttock normally associated with long term inmates of top security jails, I just wanted to add my thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday such a special day.Watching a match at Lord’s will never be the same again. From now on it will always remind me not just of a fantastic day but also a brilliant bunch of people who love sport, try their hardest but don’t take themselves – or each other! – too seriously. And what a fitting end to the match, won on the last ball of the game with a top edge just out of the reach of a diving Wath, with Eric – one of the original cricket XI from 30 years ago – rightly crowned man of the match after two brilliant innings. I could go on, but my train is due to arrive at my station in five minutes and it will take me that long to stand up and hobble to the door!hanks again, everyone, for the laughs and the friendship – a truly wonderful day.London Saints is a very special club.
Andy Jones

Absolutely cracking day – encapsulated what was best about London Saints. Many thanks.
Damian Chalmers

Quick note from Swampy to thank all involved for organising such a great great day — memorable stuff for all the righ reasons off the pitch and the wrong reasons on it.
Wonderful stuff and a perfect reminder of how much i love cricket, Lord’s, the saints and the London Saints!
Arran Frood

Many thanks to all who contributed to the organisation of this event, as well as the players and supporters. A lifetime’s ambition achieved. As the MCC slogan goes, we all played hard and we all played fair. As someone who has only played for the club a couple of times in the past 20 years I am happy to see the special atmosphere continue. Some have even become better players.
New nickname for the number 2 shirt at the 35th anniversary: Lazarus.
James Whitworth

Would like to add my thanks to all for a fantastic day! Couldn’t have scripted it better!
Dave Nanton

Thanks to the entire squad (scorer, programme sellers and spectators included – and indeed the non-spectator who coughed up some really silly money at the auction – but especially the organisers) for the day at Lord’s. I know from experience that these things don’t just “happen” but sometimes the hard work is repaid by such a great time.
On the playing side, I’ve long felt that there were some easy runs to be had against the LSSC bowling, but that means I don’t fancy a long stint chasing round supporting them these days. So thanks from Reg, Mick Stanley and me to Chairman Mick for helping out in the field at the sharp end of the World innings (but it was a much nicer pitch for batting than bowling, so thanks to the groundsman too).
I’m foregoing tonight’s England match in the dubious favour of seeing Hampshire being rolled over at Hove. There’s very little chance of one K. Pietersen being arsed to travel all the way down to Sussex from his Chelsea home, but we all know that the spirit of the game is very much alive in our own club, even if it is often missing amongst the professionals.
Eric Shadick

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